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In Common

IN COMMON is an INclusive luxury hair care treatment brand that’s undeniably shareable. Rooted in common ground, truth and free spirit, our formulations are derived from a place of authenticity and innovation to create better-for-you products that instantly transform hair and magnify your natural glow. Because you're more than just a hair type.

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Worry free hair care. Gluten, sulfate, paraben, and cruelty free, our vegan formulations start in a base of coconut water. We’ve “cleaned” up haircare. Unconditional & uncomplicated, Aluram is the new norm for beauty.


SOPHISTONE embraces Milbon's focus on a healthy hair foundation while inspiring creativity through our streamlined collection. Utilizing our advanced technologies and conditioning formulas, the collection imparts captivating colors with a reflective shine.

Gift Cards

Available for purchase in salon or online here.

Hair Accessories

An ever rotating selection of barrettes, headbands, and other luxurious hair accessories.

Holistic Silk

Skin and hair just glide over this Silk Pillowcase, reducing friction, minimising skin creasing and tell-tale sleep lines as well as eliminating bed head and hair frizz.

This 22 momme 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase won't absorb your valuable night creams or hair serums, leaving skin nourished and hair silky smooth each morning.