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Hello, I am The Hair Rebel

As a hair stylist I have had the most amazing career. I've worked in the salon next to some amazingly talented people, owned my own business, done hair and makeup for television shows, runway events, and photo shoots, and now I work with the top hair cutting scissor company in the US, Hattori Hanzo. I am the type of person that's always looking for the "more" in life; not that I'm ungrateful for what I have, but I also don't want to get to the point where I'm complacent, bored, or lazy. Life is long, it should be an adventure!

Calling myself the Hair Rebel started many years ago as social media was starting to really pick up in our industry. I saw the need to brand myself as a stylist and recruited the help of a couple clients to help me figure it out. I asked them what made me unique as a would they describe me? After many failed attempts at silly names, Hair Rebel was born. And honestly, I love it. I don't do what everyone else says I have to do, I do what makes sense to me, and to my clients, whether they are sitting in my chair or I am in their salon helping them pick shears.

I am the Hair Rebel and these blogs are my story.


aka The Hair Rebel

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